iPad 2 reviews start appearing

With only a day to go until the iPad 2 launches in the US (why, WHY make us wait another two weeks in the UK, Apple? WHY?!), the reviews are beginning to appear from all those even luckier bastards who have got their hands on a review model.

At the risk of sounding lazy, AppleInsider has a pretty decent roundup of the reviews so far.

My own points to note:


John Gruber, Daring Fireball:

Smart Covers are so cool that I can imagine iPad 1 owners who think they’re happy to stick with what they’ve got changing their minds and deciding to upgrade upon seeing Smart Covers in person.


And from Engadget:

In all, it’s an incredibly handsome and svelte package. Pictures don’t quite do the iPad 2 justice — it feels really, really great in your hands. Not only does the construction give it a feeling of heft and permanence, but the thin profile combined with the new, tapered edges make holding the device a real joy. Apple is known for its industrial design, and they didn’t just chew scenery here; the iPad 2 is beautifully and thoughtfully crafted.

One of Engadget’s accompanying pictures also puts into perspective the difference between the two tablets in a way better than any of Apple’s promotional imagery:

It looks like the iPad 2 compared to the iPad is on a par with the MacBook Air display compared to the MacBook Pro. Very impressive. March 25th can’t come soon enough.


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