Why it’s been a bit quiet over here

You might have noticed, after a splurge of activity towards the tail end of last month, that the amount of posts on this blog seem to have dropped off a little.

There is a reason for this – a few weeks ago I was contacted by and joined the team at an upstart techblog called GrindGadget.

Truth be told I’ve not written a whole hell of a lot over there either. But that’s life for you.

What does this mean for the future of this blog? Well, I’m going to start dropping links here whenever I write an opinion piece over there so the few readers this site has (and I say ‘few’ optimistically) can keep up. I might also post articles here if I deem them inappropriate for G2.

If you are, for some reason I can’t quite understand, still hankering for what I’ve been working on, you can have a look at the posts I’ve written for them so far.